Public Relations

Public Relations

Course Description

This certificate provides participants with Public Relations principles, based on creating and managing the image of the Organisation.

The Public Relations program consists of the strategic management of the relationship between an organization and its customers. Introductory principles focus on developing an organisation’s reputation, which may be critical for the Brand image .

The certificate includes design and implementation of strategies in respect to Public Relations, as shaped by the organisation’s Business plan. Candidates will also learn how to engage in the appropriate budgeting for performing the identified strategies.

The program will equip candidates with the essential skills for reaching the customer based relationship that the organization desires.

Certificate Requirements

  • Public Relations Strategies
  • Public Relations in practice
  • Social Media marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Relationship management
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Price $29.00
Instructor CMA Team
Duration 4 weeks
Enrolled 231 students
Language English