Financial Statement Analyst

Financial Statement Analyst

Course Description

The Financial Statement Analyst program offers the essential skills for analysing financial statements and in consequence taking measures to secure the success of future plans of the business. The course is suitable for candidates who are interested in taking the key position of the Financial Statement Analyst in an organization.

Two of the key factors for success in Businesses are Financial Statements analysis, and taking actions based on the findings. The meaningful interpretation of Balance sheets, Income and Cash Flow statements is an essential element for business success. Financial Statement analysis allows businesses to understand their current financial position better, make more realistic forecasts and also take more accurate future decisions. 

Certificate Requirements

  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Financial Statement Officer
  • Basic Selling Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Business management


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Price $38.00
Instructor CMA Team
Duration 4 weeks
Enrolled 145 students
Language English