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The appropriate mentoring can be a powerful tool for professional growth. Flexible and Accessible Learning opportunities offer to participants the option of getting educated from the comfort of their home!

May 20, 2020

Pest Control

You will learn everything you need to know about the fundamentals of good training programs and how to …


About CMA Online Academy

CMA Academy is a certified Training Centre, based in Europe, that supports individuals to achieve their objectives through high standards of education across different fields.

CMA Academy offers a Professional Diploma after the successful completion of a series of online courses in particular areas of expertise. The courses are offered in English at our Campus or via Online Live Training for our distance learning participants.

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CMA Academy Popular Courses

Explore all of our programs and pick the most suitable ones for you! Enroll and start your personalised Learning Journey with CMA. It's one to remember!

May 20, 2020

Human Resources

March 23, 2020


May 3, 2020

Cyber Security

January 15, 2020

Certified Sales Executive

May 14, 2020


May 18, 2020

Customer Service

Certified Educational Center

Why study at CMA Academy

With the CMA Online Academy, you can study where you choose. We have students from over 30 different countries and a global Reputation as a Pioneer in the field of Flexible Learning. Our Online Courses Structure implies that in case you travel regularly or need to relocate, you can continue your studies at a new location.


Get a clear understanding of the current market state in regard to your topic of interest and step-up your game.


Earn portable Access to our programs and learn from your Chosen Location

On Time

Punctuality is a top priority for the smooth running of our programs and all candidates are expected to respect the specified time-schedule.

Online Coures

Online Business Coaching consists of a powerful tool to direct your business towards the fulfillment of its objectives.


You will acquire an enhanced notion of direction for your business, greater knowledge of thorough assessment and faster results.

Self Development

Business Coaching can improve your concentration capabilities, empower your self-confidence and allow you to engage both in professional and personal development.


The path to Professional Success

High level of efficiency and scientific teaching methods

I am free to learn at my own pace, follow my own schedule and choose the subject I want to learn from the syllabus. Great study portal for people like me.
Mina Hollace
/ Freelancer

Professional team of specialists and passionate mentors at reach

I need to get a certification for English proficiency and MaxCoach is my best choice. Their tutors are smart and professional when dealing with students.
Madley Pondor
/ IT Specialist

The MaxCoach team works really hard to ensure high quality

I am happy with their arrangement of lessons and subjects. They reflect a scientific investigation into effective methods to be adopted for learners of all levels.
Luvic Dubble
/ Private Tutor

It's a choice of quality for people with special needs

I'm a very strict person so I require everything to be organized and neat. Then, I'll be able to make things right and shine. MaxCoach guys just got me.
Florence Themes
/ Multimedia Admin

Affordable Online Courses and Learning Opportunities​

Online-based learning can bring remarkable improvements to the level of education of students from all over the world! Offering a flexible structure of learning can yield optimal results!